Welcome...So, who are we? - We are specialists in rainwater harvesting technology and the UK agent & distributor for Wisy AG - a leading German manufacturer of high quality specialist products for rainwater utilisation. Wisy AG are the inventors of the unique world renowned WFF Vortex filters - now with a 5-year guarantee!

As well as rainwater pumps, we supply pumps for dirty water, pressure boosting and general use, and we offer a range of twin and multiple pump booster sets. We also supply tanks for stormwater attenuation, septic tanks, cesspools, full and bypass interceptors, sewage treatment plants and pump stations.

We are delighted to announce that we are now suppliers for the Lindab Rainline™ steel guttering system. A superb alternative to conventional plastic, Rainline is available in a range of colours and is backed with a 15-year guarantee.

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New Zeta 02 Pump Controller

- Ultra Low Energy - only 0.2 watt standy power!

New! HydraPro FT Industrial filters

- Excellent new filters with innovative self-cleaning system

New! HydraPro SMART CPU Controllers
- Industry-leading programmable control panels
5-Year Warranty!
- now on all Wisy Vortex filters
SWIG Award Winners again!
- Another award for Rainharvesting Systems
New Product Range!
- We are now suppliers of Rainline steel guttering

domestic systems link

The bespoke designs of our domestic rainwater harvesting systems are suitable for any house. They are easy to install, simple to run and provide clean, filtered rainwater for WCs, washing machines and garden taps.


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garden systems link

This simple system uses a downpipe fitted with a filter. Rainwater flows into an above ground storage tank. Easily extended by additional tanks, they provide a ready supply of clean rainwater for garden irrigation.


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Commercial rainwater harvesting systems are larger and more sophisticated than domestic types. They are designed and built to cope with greater demand and often include a facility to monitor both mains and rainwater supply.


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We are the longest established rainwater harvesting business in the UK, and have been developing our knowledge and expertise since 1997. We always have been, and remain, focused on our goal of delivering the best quality products on the market.

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We are founder members of the UK Rainwater Management Association (formerly the UK Rainwater Harvesting Association), the industry body created to influence decision makers and developed standards of best practice.

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Our systems nearly always use the unique WISY Vortex filters; the most robust, reliable and durable on the market. As the UK distributor for Wisy products we can offer excellent value for money.

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Many of our products are included on the Water Technologies List, making them eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowance.

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As part of the 'Greenshop Group' of companies, we are dedicated to the principles of sustainability and best ecological practices.
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Discover what is so special about our Vortex filters...

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Testimonial 1

Natural Power UK... specialist contractor in renewables and microgeneration technologies

"Rainharvesting Systems Ltd. offer a well-informed and comprehensive approach to rainwater harvesting solutions. Their experience of supply and commissioning, together with their general knowledge of rainwater collection gives them an edge when it comes to design and supply of simple, sophisticated installations. The flexible approach and can-do attitude of this business will ensure you have the most suitable solution to meet your needs".


Testimonial 2

Mr. E Bell from Lincolnshire

"I write to record my appreciation of the most professional way in which my recent problem with the delivery controller on my rainwater recovery system was rectified. Your engineer Paul was able to direct me to the cause of the problem and within 24 hours I had received the replacement part and the system was operational.".



Testimonial 3

Morgan Sindall Group plc... A leading UK construction and regeneration group with a turnover of £2 billion

"Working with Rainharvesting Systems Ltd. has been a pleasure. We are pleased to recommend them as a supplier of high-quality and reliable equipment with a support team that provides superb customer care and exceptional technical and commissioning backup".


Testimonial 4

W. Rees from South Devon...

Some years ago, I bought a ‘WISY rainwater harvesting system’ from Rainharvesting Systems Ltd. These were early days and there were apparently no plumbers here in South Devon who had experience of such systems. Derek was unendingly patient explaining to both the plumber and to me how to install it. Over the years I have needed to replace two parts: again the help given and the speed posting the parts could not have been more efficient. I have recommended Rainharvesting Systems Ltd. to many people: in my experience they cannot be faulted.


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Zeta 02

NEW! Zeta 02 Pump Controller

Developed by Wisy in Germany, this innovative product consumes far less power in standby mode than conventional pump controllers.

Pump controllers frequently spend most of their time in standby mode, waiting for a demand to start the pump. Many use upwards of 8 watts constantly, which amounts to at least 70 kilowatts per year. The Zeta 02 uses a fraction of this, consuming only 0.2 watt in standby mode. That's just 1.75kw p.a.

The controller has been developed to reduce energy consumption and to satisfy the exacting standards laid down in the European Union's Ecodesign Directive, which states that the standby power consumption of many products must not exceed 0.5 watts. Whilst the directive does not yet apply to pump controllers, Wisy are yet again ahead of the game by developing a product which is already compliant.

The Zeta 02 is suitable for controlling pumps, pressure booster sets, domestic pressure boosting and rainwater units. It's high energy-saving potential reduces annual running cost and CO2 emissions.

Hydrapro® FT commercial rainwater filters

Developed by RHI Water, these stainless steel inline filters sets a new standard in construction of commercial rainwater filters.

Manufactured entirely from 2mm stainless steel, FT filters are extremely robust and durable, and of far higher quality than equivalent plastic bodied filters on the market. The filter screen itself is constructed from 0.75mm AIS304 stainless steel wedge wire.

FT filters incorporate a self-cleaning function to clean the filter screen without the need to enter the filter chamber. A unique, highly effective wash system distributes water across the filter surface, reducing the 'dead zones' associated with spray nozzle systems.

The water supply for the cleaning function can be controlled by a manual valve, or automated using a solenoid valve and timer arrangement, or via one of our Hydrapro control panels.

HydraPro Panel

NEW! HydraPro® SMART CPU Control Units

Developed by Rainharvesting Ireland to meet the demands of today's industrial standards, the HydraPro®: SMART CPU range of system controls units offer a wealth of features for commercial and industrial installations.

In addition to controlling fixed or variable speed pumps, the logic operated PLC panel will also control the mains water top-up, tanks water levels and monitoring of water usage.

Where required, the panel can also be configured to control UV units, booster sets and other parts of the harvesting system. With either illuminated HMI screen or touch screen interface, the panel is fully programmable with numerous alarm options.

Wrigleys tank

We've won! - our second SWIG award.

We are pleased to announce that Rainharvesting Systems Ltd has won the 2013 Sustainable Water Industry Group’s award for the Non-Domestic Retrofit category.

This award is for the supply of a rainwater harvesting system to the Wrigley chewing gum factory in Plymouth. They now use rainwater instead of mains water in their cooling towers, and have calculated that they are capturing enough rainwater to supply a third of the water required.

Thanks to this system, Wrigleys can expect to see much lower water bills, as well as reinforcing their commitment to the environment. A win-win situation!

Roger Budgeon

Nature Works Business award for Roger!

We are also delighted to announce that Greenshop Group founder Roger Budgeon has won the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust’s award for “outstanding contribution to nature in Gloucestershire by a business leader”.

This is part of the GWT’s 'Nature Works' Business Awards 2013, celebrating the efforts made by local businesses to work with and enhance the natural environment. The award reflects Roger’s commitment to the environment, both at home, and within The Greenshop Group in Bisley.

Examples of this commitment include the use of sustainable technologies, the creation of wildlife habitats, land management and the ongoing development of nature-beneficial ideas. Congratulations Roger!


Rainline - the best alternative to uPVC guttering! 

We are pleased to announce that we are now distributors for the excellent Lindab range of steel guttering products.

Lindab Rainline high quality galvanised steel gutters and downpipes make a great addition to any building. Tough, lightweight and oh-so-simple to fit, Rainline products are developed to cope with Scandinavian winters and come with a 15-year guarantee. Available in plain galvanised finish or several different colours, and in four sizes, to suit almost any building.


Wisy Filters are World Cup Winners! 

The huge Maracana stadium in Rio is the focal point for the 2014 World Cup, and will also be a main venue during the 2016 Olympic Games.

The stadium was previously used during the 1950 World Cup and has recently undergone extensive renovation, part of which is the installation of a rainwater harvesting system to supply the 292 toilets and to irrigate the pitch. With an all seated capacity of 79,000 the stadium is the largest in South America. A total of 18 of the big Wisy WFF300 vortex filters are being used to harvest the water from the vast 50,000 square metre roof area.

Platinum STP

Rainwater Harvesting - and so much more! 

We have always been, and still remain, very focused on what we do best. But we supply many other products too.

With over 15 years experience behind us, we are proud to be regarded as experts in our field. We now supply tanks for many purposes other than rainwater collection. We can provide break tanks, attenuation tanks, septic tanks, full and bypass interceptors, sewage treatment plants and pumping stations.

We also supply a range of twin and multiple-pump booster sets - either variable or fixed speed; well pumps, sump pumps, circulating pumps, etc.

Our mission statement...

Mission Statement

Rainharvesting Systems Ltd. are specialists in rainwater harvesting technology... Established to promote water conservation through the introduction of rainwater harvesting to the UK market, our systems continue to lessen the demand on mains water supply, reduce the wasteful use of potable water and ease the need for extraction from UK rivers and watercourses. Using rainwater eliminates the unnecessary use of chemical water treatments for non-potable water and saves money on water rates and metered supplies. We have over 15 years experience and provide superior components in quality systems for domestic and commercial properties.

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